New way to cash out from our Banks'Partner with our 10,000+ TrueMoney Agents nationwide, just simply transfer from ABA Bank, Sathapana Bank to your TrueMoney App.

How to Transfer Money From ABA Mobile to TrueMoney App

1. Open ABA Mobile app and select “Transfers”

2. Select “Transfer to TrueMoney App”

3. Select ABA Account to make the transfer from

4. Enter TrueMoney App ID

5. Choose currency (USD/KHR)

6. Enter the amount you want to send

7. Press DONE

8. Check and verify the account information and amount

9. Confirm the transaction with your security PIN.

How to Transfer Money From Sathapan Mobile to TrueMoney App

1. Open Sathapana Mobile and select “Transfers”

2. Select “TrueMoney App”

3. Enter Phone Number

4. Enter amount and Sathapana account number

5. Choose currency (USD/KHR)

6. Check account number and enter your password

7. Click “Transfer”

8. Transfer successful

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